Below are some of the residents that have not been selected for adoption or need a special person who will give them the extra love and patience they need.

Updated 09/10/10

Ridley(we are calling her Rita now) was terrified when she was rescued. Rita is a Calico tiger and born about May 2004. She has been at the shelter since April 2006. Rita has become a little more comfortable with the volunteers and is friendly with Jacob. She will need a special person that understands that she will need time to adjust.

 Jacob has been at the shelter since the spring of 2006. He is a very handsome tiger. He needs all the attention. The volunteers at the shelter are working with Jacob about his manners. Jacob nips and we know that he will probably not get adopted because of this. It is unfortunate because he does get along with other cats(only females!) He does know what gets him treats! He is now in our Sponsor-A Pet program.

We found a new friend at the shelter. Funny how two very shy & frightened cats find comfort in each other. Mae and Delilah surprised everyone by coming out of their shell and becoming close. They are inseparable . Mae is a shy gray brown tiger. She was born 1-05 and has been at the shelter since August 2006. Delilah who is also very shy came to us December of 2006. Now that they have each other they enjoy watching the birds together and have become a little more at ease. They are doing better and hopefully will someone who understands them and give them a home.


 Dogs available

 Buddy Boy, Cameron, Cara, Camela, Timmy, Toby(II) II,Spice,Flint,Satin and Toby are among others that are now in our sponsorship program. They have been at the shelter for years now. Unfortunately AFOC was not able to find them suitable homes. They are wonderful cats and the volunteers will make sure they receive all the attention and care that they can give. They are now considered permanent residents.  Visit our

Sponsor-A-Pet page for more information.


Remember, owning a pet is a commitment. Always consider your pet a member of the family and a friend for life!

We would love to accommodate every request to take in strays, but we simply lack the space, the caretakers and the financial resources. In an ideal world. we could respond to each and every call. Please understand that if we say "no", itís not because we are unsympathetic but because we are overextended, underfunded and overwhelmed.