Last update 11/28/17


We are a very playful group. We love to play with toys, as well as our roommates. One of our favorite toys is a ball.  We  like the noise it makes knocking it around the room. We also enjoy chasing, and pouncing on our roommates. Should you consider adopting one of us we look forward to growing and loving you even more over the years. Remember that we are cute now but please love us when we grow up and just want to be hugged and to purr on your lap. Just as people do we grow to love you even more over the years. We will be a friend for life!!!

 More info will follow. Plus,Animal Friends of Connecticut is expecting more and at the moment we have no room at the shelter.  Shelters are full everywhere and we are no exception. Inquires for adoption please contact us at 860-827-0381. A phone interview is required before any adoptions.

ALL the kittens that were abandoned in Canton except for two have found homes. We wish to thank all that were generous and answered our call for help with medical expenses. Unfortunately this is kitten season and we are still called upon to help poor abandoned pets. Please consider continuing your support. If you wish to donate please use this link. 
Thank you in advance for your help.

Here we have young cats who are very young and still waiting for a home.

Hamlet0426 copy

Hamlet is a little shy, but after a little introduction is friendly and very playful. He likes the ladies but sometimes doesn't like male competition.

Misha&Ivy0743 copy

Misha and Ivy are the last two remaining kittens from Canton. They have been threw a lot together so we are asking they be adopted together.


Pippin, Romeo, Pierre and Natasha are five month siblings that are playful, friendly and enjoy life. They have been in a foster home so are very comfortably with people.