Last update 07/4/18


We are a very playful group. We love to play with toys, as well as our roommates. One of our favorite toys is a ball.  We  like the noise it makes knocking it around the room. We also enjoy chasing, and pouncing on our roommates. Should you consider adopting one of us we look forward to growing and loving you even more over the years. Remember that we are cute now but please love us when we grow up and just want to be hugged and to purr on your lap. Just as people do we grow to love you even more over the years. We will be a friend for life!!!

 More info will follow. Plus,Animal Friends of Connecticut is expecting more and at the moment we have no room at the shelter.  Shelters are full everywhere and we are no exception. Inquires for adoption please contact us at 860-693-0303. A phone interview is required before any adoptions.

Here we have young cats who are very young and are waiting for a home.

Hamlet0426 copy

Hamlet is a little shy, but after a little introduction is friendly and very playful. He likes the ladies but sometimes doesn't like male competition.

 Piper was found in Bridgeport with a litter of 5 kittens. She was  starving and stopped producing milk. Her kittens all survived and have  been adopted. Piper is fully recovered and has recently been spayed. She is now very healthy. Piper is a petite, sweet and very loving girl. She is very young, we believe she about 7-9 months old. Piper loves  attention, has a wonderful disposition and the prettiest green eyes. She will make a great pet for someone.


Nala1017 copy

Nala is a active young (Born June 2017) and very friendly girl who wants your attention.


stanley copy

Love a guy in a tuxedo?

Available for adoption :Stanley born 4/9/18
Stanley is tall, dark, and handsome. A strong and silent type of guy, a bit shy. He goes wild for laser pointers.

Piper copy