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Amy writes: One morning my kids and I woke up looked out the living room window and saw that our dog,border collie, decided he was going to swing on their swing set. He looked just like the kids when they swing on there bellys. Well I went out the door and hollored at him and he was stuck. it was so funny.

Kristen writes:  I was in the bathroom one day brushing my teeth and my cat jumped up beside me onto the counter. He put his front paws into the sink and started drinking from the faucet. Who knows, maybe next he'll start using the toilet.

Doreen of Glastonbury writes: My mother has a large dog and my 3 year old son was trying to ride him. I called his name to stop him and got no response so I yelled “Get over here”. My yelling made the dog unsure of what to do so she came over instead of my son.

Eileen of Newington writes: My daughter’s future husband was living with a roommate that had a cat with flees. In about a week my poor indoor cat had them. I was not familiar with the early signs of flees until I noticed them on my cat’s neck. After bombing my apartment and having my cat shampooed their were still some remaining flees. I put flee powder in my vacuum and just vacuumed everyday. My cat now very angry with me from being handled so much wouldn’t move so I could vacuum or comb her. So I tried to brush her with the attachment on my vacuum. Now every time I vacuum my cat wants me to vacuum her with the brush. She just purrs.

Barbara of Hartford; One day I was so involved with my gardening that I didn’t realize it was way past the time I usually feed my cat. When all of a sudden my cat pushed the screen out of the window and then jumped on the roof of the porch and then jumped into the flower beds.Their she was just sitting in my flowers looking up at me. Now my screens are much more secure..

Leah writes: I was trying to teach my dog, Cody, how do put a bone on his noes and he flips it in his mouth. Well, my dog figured it out and did it two times. I think he got bored and he found a new way to do it, now he ducks his head down and the bone flips off his noes, then he bends down, gets the treat on the ground, grabs the treat I have in my hand, and trots off.

At the shelter we have kittens and as one volunteer discovered they like to play with shoe strings. They have figured out how to untie them if you stand still long enough. If you sit on the floor they will tumble aroung your legs and then scoot up to give you a nose-to-nose kiss.