Our Fundraisers.

 Hi, friends,

I have reserved Saturday, Oct 7 for the annual bake sale at Simsbury Stop N Shop to benefit Animal Friends of CT.  Most of you have helped in the past and I am hoping you will be able to support the sale by baking  some cookies, brownies, cupcakes or other goodies this year.   Carmelo is going to bake his wonderful coffee cake. My mouth is watering just  thinking about it.

The sale will start at 9 o'clock and will run until between 1 and 2 when we will either run out of baked goods or energy.  Let me know if you  think you'll be able to bake something for this year's sale.  Drop off  of goodies before 10 or so would be great but if you need to have the  items picked up, I can probably do that.  Please share with any fellow  animal lovers in the area who might be able to provide something for the sale or would be interested in stopping by to make a purchase.

Just a note, if you do provide some baked goods, please label what it is  you've made. We've had cookies to sell which we had no idea what kind  they were. And note any ingredients, especially nuts, that people might have allergies to. Also things should be wrapped so they are easy to  transport and display.

Carmelo is going to help me at the sales table and I think George will be there as well.  If you'd like to help out for an hour or two, let me know.

Thanks a bunch.

The animals appreciate your support.



Ruth can be reached by e-mail AFOC@AFOCINC.ORG.


Animal Friends are in need of volunteers willing to organize a fund raiser to help us meet our obligations. . If interested call 860-693--0303.