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Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals.

Animal Friends of Connecticut, Inc. is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter dedicated to the protection of animals. It is an all volunteer organization that rescues stray, abandoned, abused and handicapped dogs and cats. Animals are also rescued from local dog pounds when their owners cannot be located. The animals are given needed medical care, all vaccinations and spayed or neutered, then cared for at our shelter until an appropriate placement can be found for them.

Great attention is given to the placement of each animal. Adoptions are only done, after Animal Friends is sure the placement is with a responsible, caring person. This is accomplished by interviewing the applicant and possibly a visitation to the home where the animal will be living. A donation is requested when an animal is adopted as donations are the only source of funds the organization has and are needed to continue its work. If an adoptive owner is unhappy with his choice, the animal can be returned to Animal Friends during the first year and it will be provided for until a more compatible home can be found.

Animal Friends is very fortunate that it was able to purchase its own shelter. This was accomplished through the generosity of its members and we are looking forward to being able to help more animals in need because of it. If you would like to tour the shelter, visit with the animals or possibly help in some capacity to maintain the physical building, please call the phone number below.

No animal is ever put to sleep unless it is incurably ill and sufferingIf it were not for Animal Friends of Connecticut many animals that would have been killed are now living in caring homes.

New volunteers are always needed to help take care of the animals, maintain the shelter, work on the newsletter and organize fund raising projects. If you would like to volunteer please call (860) 827-0381 and indicate your area of interest. We are open seven days a week so volunteering can be done- to work within your schedule.

If you would like to become an member of Animal Friends of Connecticut and receive the quarterly newsletter please call and give us your name and address. The newsletter contains articles on animals that have been adopted, written by their new owners and photographs of animals that are looking for a home.

Of course, tax deductible donations are always needed and appreciated. For further information on adopting animals or if you have a question on any aspect of Animal Friends of Connecticut, Inc. please call (860) 827-0381 during the day between 7 AM till 5 PM or drop us a note at:

Animal Friends of Connecticut, Inc.

P.O.Box 370306

West Hartford, Connecticut, 06137

Many nice animals awaiting adoption


(860) 827-0381