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We still have many kittens that need a home.

When these young cats  arrived they were almost feral, but through constant interaction with the volunteers they are improving. They are now comfortable with the volunteers, but still afraid of strangers. If you are interested in any and want to give them time to get to know you we would be happy to arrange visits where you could just sit and get to know them. You are welcomed to come as many times as necessary so they and you are comfortable together.

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Want to help spread the word about the need to find homes for these cat?  You can help by making copies of the poster (click here to print)and distribute them to  your veterinarian, supermarket bulletin boards, and any other places that  allow postings from the community.  Also, please ask your veterinarian  to include AFOC on their list of suggested shelters when people contact them looking for a new pet.  Thank you!!

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

Albert Einstein

Handholding kittens

AFOC has kittens that have just arrived and are available for adoption. Multiple litters both females and males and all ages available. Call for more info at 860-827-0381..

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Temperance is a young female who is always purring for attention. She has a sweet personality and always happy to see you.

 If interested call 860-232-1393.

Shelter Volunteers Needed.

We are looking for new volunteers to help out at our New Britain shelter. If you are available for a few hours during the morning and want to help take care of the many cats in our charge please call 860-827-0381 or e-mail to arrange for an interview. Volunteer positions may be for just one day a week or several days depending on your schedule. Just let us know what day(s) you would like to volunteer and we will work with you and your schedule. You will find it very rewarding and the animals need you now.

Volunteer Application



To print adoption form click here.

Foster Home is desperately needed for kittens. if interested call 860-693-0303.


This is what can happen when people list pets as free to a good home.

Quote from a dog fighter

“The hardest thing is to get enough dogs and cats for baiting. One good source is the local newspaper that offer a cat or dog for free. My wife dresses up neatly and collects them for me. If that source is running dry we just hire local gang kids to fetch dogs and cats. They scour the backyards and alleys and take whatever number we need. They make sure they leave the doors or gates open so people just believe they accidentally left them unlatched and that’s how their animals got out and got lost.

Contact us by e-mail.

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Can you guess which cat this is?   Answer


Visit for assistance with wildlife emergencies throughout the United States.
  • We are in need of a donated car in good running condition. It will help us transport our residents to and from the Vet. Many of our residents are in their senior years and need more constant Vet care.
  • We are also in need of a outdoor shed for storage if anyone wishes to donate one.

Note from our President:

Your support saves pets lives.

All donations are tax deductible.

To send a donation our address is


Box 370306

West Hartford, Ct. 06137-0306

or to make a donation thru PayPal

Thank you for caring.